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The Importance of a New Years Resolution

Every late December, I start to reflect on the year I just had. I tally up all of my successes and failures and try to think about what skills and experiences I want to carry forward into the New Year. It can be exciting and stressful trying to think of all the things I want to change or continue doing in my life. There is always room for improvement and I can always strive to do more and be better each year. Self -reflection can be hard enough. But then comes the task of deciding which goals are worth being a New Years resolution. Not everything needs to be saved for the New Year and often times, you can start them at any time.

The worst thing I can imagine is putting off a goal or dream until January 1st and thinking “Well, I guess I’ll just have to strive for that next year”. There is usually no better time than the present, but there is something so whimsical and nostalgic about a New Years resolution.

They seem so official and you have a whole year to start fresh and work hard to achieve them. As the calendars change over, everything feels full of possibility- so take this opportunity and new-found motivation to tackle something you never have before!

So, if that hasn’t convinced you enough why setting a New Years resolution is important and easy, then here are a few more points…

1. New Years resolutions are a public goal

Everyone knows January is a time to work on New Years resolutions. On New Years Eve, everyone sits around with friends and loved-ones and the first question to come out is- “What is your New Years resolution?”.

We don’t ask IF you set one. We just want to know which resolution you have picked for yourself. In that sense, this forces you to have a goal picked out. There should never be a moment in your life where you feel you don’t have to change something. You can never be perfect and there is always room for improvement, so take this opportunity to improve yourself.

So once you’ve been asked what your New Years resolution is, it’s time to announce it for the whole room to hear! Be open and proud with it, because this will keep you accountable. There is no easier goal to reach than one that everyone in your life is rooting for you to accomplish.

You would hate to look back in December and realize that the goals you set 12 months before have been forgotten… and everyone knows it too.

2. You have a whole year to achieve your resolution

Unless you set a specific date that you want to achieve your resolution by, it’s sort of an unwritten rule that you have until December 31st to tackle your goal.

Therefore, some of the pressure is offQ! This isn’t to say that you should leave all your goals and aspirations to the very last second, but also know that you don’t have to rush it.

You can set out small little half goals through specific months of the year in order to reach your ultimate New Years resolution. For instance, if you wanted to have a certain total of money saved by the end of 2019, then set out smaller targets that you want to hit quarterly through out the year. This will make your goal more manageable and will ensure that you’re keeping yourself accountable.

You also have time to plan out your goal properly and even tweak it if need be. It seems that a lot of people set out goals and then expect it to be achieved within a few weeks. And if they haven’t achieved this goal by a short amount of time, they give up.

Take your time in the planning process and write down specifically how you plan to achieve your New Year resolution.

Worst case scenario, if you do all the planning and realize that it’s just not realistic- re-write it and think about how it can be changed so it is attainable.

3. There are resolution ideas everywhere

If you have a hard time coming up with something for your New Years resolution, just ask around. Everyone has something big or little that they have decided to work on for the New Year. So don’t be afraid to ask around and see what other people have aspired to change or improve.

By asking others about their resolution plans, you might trigger an old goal idea that you had back in the day but never worked to achieve.

You might also learn about a new skill that you never even thought about obtaining. There are a lot of new habits and achievements that you can work towards so be open to new ideas and see what others have to say.

You can also go online and check out some of the most common New Years resolutions. There’s a plethora of lists available online and it can help inspire something personal to you.

I’m definitely not saying you need to rip off someone else’s New Years resolution. It has to be something that is personal and important to you, or else you won’t work to achieve it. But asking others and researching resolutions can give you an idea of some things you can strive for in the New Year.

4. Your resolution can be as grand as you want it to be

You can start a new goal any time of the year. New Years is not the only time you can try new things and aim to better yourself. But there is something about starting a fresh year that makes starting a new personal project seem easier, no matter how big or wild this goal may be.

After a long holiday break, you are well-rested and have the drive and ambition to throw yourself into a passion project. You have new ideas and feel ready to tackle anything.

Everyone else is also full of hope and excitement with the New Year. You can feed off this energy and gather even more momentum to achieve your new goals.

With all of these positive forces behind you, you’re less likely to give up and it’s easier to start a large project that you’ve never had the time or energy to take off the ground before.

5. Everyone else is working to improve themselves

Around this time of year, everyone is looking to try new things and make themselves a little bit better. So why shouldn’t you?

Once you know what everyone else’s resolutions are and they know yours, you can all support one another in achieving your goals. You can openly ask each other for help, for some advice, or for some resources to help you along. As everyone has a resolution they want to be successful in, everyone will also work together to keep each other on track.

So take advantage of your social circle, not just for advice and support, but also for more positive energy and ambition when (or should I say, IF) you feel like giving up.

In conclusion…

This is a shorter post today- but I just wanted to illustrate that while many people putdown New Years resolutions or call them useless, they actually can be a great way to start your New Year off right. There’s no shame in taking advantage of this time of year and trying new things.

Personally, my goal is to track all of my purchases on a monthly basis, so I can save more and cut down on mindless spending. It’s not a crazy goal, but it’s something I hope will benefit me for years to come.

So… if you made it through this entire article, let me know down below what you plan to achieve this upcoming year.

Happy New Year!

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